[ROS] Videos related to control motor in ros

The reason that I want to use ros_controls is visualization and control (inverse kinematic and joint_trajectory_controller) like those videos. I show some videos related controlling motos in ros. 나는 ros-control을 활용하여 시각화, 그리고 실제 모터들을 상위 레벨에서의 컨트롤을 하고 싶다. IK 문제를 풀어서,End effector를 목표 좌표로 이동   The video below shows displays the angle 소개 더보기 [ROS] Videos related to control motor in ros[…]

[ROS] What is ros-control

ros-control http://wiki.ros.org/ros_control   A set of packages that include controller interfaces, controller managers, transmissions and hardware_interfaces. The ros_control packages are a rewrite of the pr2_mechanism packages to make controllers generic to all robots beyond just the PR2. The ros_control packages takes as input the joint state data from your robot’s actuator’s encoders and an input set point. 소개 더보기 [ROS] What is ros-control[…]